Five best practices to get the most value from the Microsoft Partner Network


Participating in the Microsoft Partner Network can be an effective way to establish and grow your organization. The ever-increasing pace of digital transformation—amplified by the widespread shift to remote work—has resulted in massive opportunity across the network, which our partners are perfectly positioned to benefit from. In fact, for every $1 of revenue Microsoft generated in 2020, our partners produced an estimated $9.58 of revenue from Microsoft technology for a total of USD984 billion, according to IDC


While many of these opportunities are universal for the Microsoft partner ecosystem, execution for each individual partner is anything but standardized. We understand that every organization is on its own unique journey that requires customized guidance and resources, which is why we’ve invested in providing the support you need to achieve sustainable profitability and growth. 


Regardless of if you’re brand new to our ecosystem, or an experienced partner searching for any opportunities you may have left on the table, we’re committed to helping you succeed. I’ve outlined five best practices to ensure you’re maximizing your experience as part of the Microsoft network: 


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