Five AI and IoT trends Intel and Microsoft see benefiting solution partners in 2022

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Written by Adam Bogobowicz, Director Azure IoT Product Marketing, for the AI blog


Momentum behind adopting AI and IoT solutions was already accelerating, but the past year showed how these technologies can help businesses monitor and manage supply chain disruptions, staff shortages, and pandemic-related challenges.


Between 2020 and 2021, organizations accelerated investment in IoT technology during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Microsoft IoT Signals report, 44 percent of organizations said in 2021 they will invest in IoT more. Of those businesses surveyed in the report, approximately 80 percent indicated they are working to integrate AI, edge computing, and related technologies into their IoT solutions.


Intel and Microsoft continue to engage and enable partners incorporating the latest AI and IoT technologies into customized, end-to-end solutions for customers across various industries and use cases. As we enable more connected environments that bring the physical and digital worlds closer together, especially at the edge, here are some of the key trends we see as 2022 unfolds:


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