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Written by Evelyn Padrino, Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft Azure


A modernized cloud workload offers significant benefits—including cost savings, optimized security and management, and opportunities for ongoing innovation. But the process of migrating and modernizing workloads can be challenging. That’s why it’s essential to prepare and plan ahead—and to ensure that your organization finds continued value in the cloud.


Whether you’re just starting your move to the cloud or are looking for ways to optimize your current cloud workloads, my team and I are committed to helping you maximize your cloud investments, overcome technical barriers, adopt new business processes, develop your team’s skills, and achieve sustainable innovation in the cloud. That’s why we invite you to watch sessions from Realizing Success in the Cloud—now available on-demand.


At this digital event, attendees learned about the key components of a successful cloud adoption journey. They heard Microsoft leaders, industry experts, and Azure customers discuss ways to drive value with migration and modernization. They also discovered best practices for boosting adoption across organizations and enabling sustainable innovation in the long term.


Check out these session highlights, which cover three critical areas of the cloud journey:


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