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Last year’s global shift to remote work has now begun to crystallize as widespread hybrid work environments. This fundamental shift in the way we do business impacts people, places, and processes across organizations. Earlier this month, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella came together with Ryan Roslansky, CEO of LinkedIn, to share the latest data and insights for hybrid work. As employers embrace these dynamic hybrid work environments, there is a plethora of new opportunities for Microsoft partners to better support the unique needs of customers and realize new innovations. Microsoft has developed a comprehensive Hybrid Work guide to share our learnings with business leaders and provide a framework for the future of work.


Building a full-scale hybrid work structure involves thinking about who does the work, where it is done, and how to do it—then developing new solutions for each consideration. New work systems should be reflective of the company’s culture and provide engagement opportunities for employees of all roles and tenures. Additionally, decentralizing workers from a physical location creates communication and cybersecurity challenges that must be addressed. Ensuring equal access and protection requires companies to be agile in ways that they never had to be previously. This brings opportunity for partners to integrate new capabilities through the Microsoft Cloud and provide new cloud-to-edge solutions for remote workers.


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