Enterprise-grade DDoS protection for SMBs now available in preview


Written by Amir Dahan, Senior Product Manager, Azure Networking


This blog has been co-authored by Anupam Vij, Principal PDM Manager.


Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are some of the largest availability and security concerns facing customers that are moving their applications to the cloud. While cyber-attacks are on the rise, they typically make the news only when a large organization has fallen victim to an attack. However, contrary to what many may think, small and medium businesses (SMBs) are just as enticing to cybercriminals.1 While large organizations have the resources needed to protect themselves, small businesses often lack the budget and qualified staff to defend against DDoS attacks.


At Microsoft, we continuously enhance our product offerings to meet the needs of all organizations, including helping SMBs on their digital transformation journey by ensuring that they are protected against the latest DDoS attack vectors. As we shared at Microsoft Ignite, Azure DDoS IP Protection SKU, a new SKU of Azure DDoS Protection built for SMBs, is now available in preview.


Cost-effective, enterprise-grade DDoS protection for small businesses

DDoS IP Protection is designed to meet the needs of SMBs, providing enterprise-grade DDoS protection at an affordable price point. It offers the same essential capabilities as Azure DDoS Network Protection (previously known as Azure DDoS Protection Standard) to protect your resources and applications against evolving DDoS attacks, including L3/L4 automatic attack detection and mitigation, metrics and alerts, mitigation flow logs, mitigation policies tuned to customer applications, and tight integration with Azure Firewall Manager, Microsoft Sentinel, and Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

With the DDoS IP Protection SKU, customers now have the flexibility to enable DDoS protection on individual public IP addresses. SMB customers who have a few public IP addresses to protect will benefit from this cost-effective DDoS protection option.


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