Enhance your data visualizations with Azure Managed Grafana—now in preview


Written by Arti Gulwadi, Senior Product Marketing Manager


This blog has been co-authored by Ye Gu, Principal Program Manager.


Organizations are transforming their digital environments to increase agility and to operate more efficiently. We see this transformation in how customers migrate to the cloud and adopt cloud-native technologies and practices in their own environments. As their digital estates become increasingly more complex and critical to their business operations, it becomes even more important to effectively manage and monitor their applications and infrastructure.


Grafana is a popular open-source analytics visualization tool that allows users to bring together logs, traces, metrics, and other disparate data from across an organization, regardless of where they are stored. Last year, we announced our strategic partnership with Grafana Labs to develop a Microsoft Azure managed service that lets customers run Grafana natively within the Azure cloud platform. Today, we are announcing that Azure Managed Grafana is available in preview. With Azure Managed Grafana, the Grafana dashboards our customers are familiar with are now integrated seamlessly with the services and security of Azure.


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