Engaging with customers: building and differentiating your organization


Written by Dan Truax, General Manager, Partner Digital Experiences and Programs


Every partner in our network is on a unique journey, shaped by dozens of factors including company size, industry, location, level of sophistication, and customer needs. While no partner journey is exactly the same, all partners go through the same general stages of building innovative solutions, taking them to the marketplace, and selling—and understanding all of the resources and options available to you during each stage can make a world of difference.


This is the third post in a series that takes a deeper look at the factors and available support that can help you navigate the partner journey. The last post explored some of the key resources, considerations and tools that we provide for our partners, and in this post, we’ll look at the programs that can help you establish your organization and differentiate yourself in the marketplace.


Supporting your journey with enablement resources

When you become our partner, your membership opens access to a variety of resources—both complimentary and for-purchase, like the Microsoft Action Pack—that can help you build a solution and effectively take it to the marketplace. Because there are so many potential paths for you to take as our partner, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, it’s important to determine the direction you’ll take so you can develop the right skills, solutions, value propositions, and differentiators to stand out to your customers and effectively meet their needs.


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