Enable resilience and accelerate growth with your Azure migration


Written by Jeremy Winter, Partner Director, Azure Management


In response to the global health and macroeconomic crisis that began last year, customers have been accelerating their digital transformation efforts at an unprecedented pace to help bolster organizational resilience. They have depended on the cloud to not only help maintain business continuity throughout the recovery but also reimagine their mission for long-term growth. Customers like Albertsons Companies, Actavo, H&R Block, and Additiv have shared how migrating to the cloud with Microsoft Azure allowed them to stay resilient:


"Within the space of a week, we were able to tick a box that said, 'If lockdown comes, we're ready to go.' The lockdown announcement came at five o'clock on a Friday afternoon. We actually had everybody that needed to be working at home, working at home on Monday morning."—Willie Ryan, Global Environmental Health and Safety and IT Director, Actavo

"The pace of change pre-pandemic was rapid, but there's no reason to think these trends won't accelerate post-pandemic... The companies that are fairing best are those that are either digitally native or have invested the most in digital."—Silvan Schriber, Head of Corporate Development, Additiv

Azure has always helped our diverse customers adapt to new ways of doing business, and we see common areas where you are focusing your transformation during this crisis. Almost every organization has had to pivot towards remote work with a huge push for empowering new forms of employee productivity in these environments. Several industries, such as retail and healthcare, need on-demand capacity to meet surges more than ever. Every organization is looking at cost optimization initiatives to manage cash flow better. IT leaders are worried about operating their datacenters without interruption, dealing with reduced staff and resources while security also remains top of mind.


Cloud migration can help you overcome the challenges above. To realize these benefits quickly and predictably, you can look to cloud providers for prescriptive best-practices guidance and support through your journey. You are seeking the confidence that will help you mitigate risk through your transition.


Azure has a comprehensive set of guidance, tools, and programs to help you successfully navigate your cloud transformation. We're announcing additional and expanded investments across each of these areas today. Be sure to check out my recent Microsoft Ignite on-demand session to learn more.


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