Empowering partners to accelerate customer growth, resilience and build analytics capabilities


Our guest contributor for this blog, Simran Sachar, is Director Analytics & AI in One Commercial Partner. Simran leads Analytics & AI Solutions strategy and go to market for all partners.


In an evolving digital economy, analytics is emerging as a critical capability to create strategic business value, growth and resilience for organizations of all shapes and sizes.


At Microsoft, our priority is to empower organizations with limitless data and analytics capabilities that enable organizations to build the predictive and analytical path required to digitally transform.


We have a unique, symbiotic relationship with our partners that has been built and continually refined over decades. Together, we can shape the future and accelerate organizations’ journey to be analytic businesses and achieve resilience and growth.


We see strong overall growth and accelerated uptake in our analytics business and partners are key to our growth momentum. Today, over 800 partners with over 1,400 solutions co-sell with Microsoft to help customers achieve superior business value and better performance through joint analytics solutions. Some examples of solution scenarios include:


  • Driving limitless scale by migrating legacy analytics systems and data marts.
  • Reducing project development time with a unified experience for all data professionals.
  • Delivering powerful insights across all types of data with code-free AI and machine learning.
  • Providing advanced security and privacy to protect sensitive data in real-time.


With this opportunity in mind, we are excited to share new Customer Growth Incentive and Analytics on Microsoft Azure partner campaign resources to help you create opportunities, accelerate engagement, and grow value across the customer journey.


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