Empowering developer velocity and efficiency with Kubernetes


Welcome to KubeCon North America! It seems only yesterday that we were together in San Diego. Though we’re farther apart physically this year, the Kubernetes community continues to go strong. Here in Azure, we’re thrilled to have seen how both our open-source efforts as well as the Azure Kubernetes Service have enabled people and companies like Finxact, Mars Petcare, and Mercedes Benz, to scale and transform in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


In today’s environment, customers are looking to Azure and Kubernetes to enable application platforms and patterns that make it faster to build new applications and easier to iterate the applications that they’ve already built. Kubernetes on Azure is a reliable and secure foundation for this cloud-native application development. At the same time, the pressures of the current environment mean that it is also critical to be as efficient as possible and we are excited to see the ways that the Azure Kubernetes Service has empowered people to improve their operational and resource efficiency. Over the last few months our Microsoft teams have built amazing technology that enables our customers to be more efficient and I am excited to share some of that with you today.


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