Empowering cloud sustainability with the Microsoft Emissions Impact Dashboard

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Written by Kees Hertogh, General Manager, Global Industry Product Marketing


As cloud services continue to scale, their impact on the environment cannot be overlooked. That’s why today we’re announcing the general availability of the Microsoft Emissions Impact Dashboard, a tool that helps Microsoft cloud customers understand, track, report, analyze, and reduce carbon emissions associated with their cloud usage. The Emissions Impact Dashboard is part of our commitment to address our own environmental impact and help our customers do the same.


We introduced the Emissions Impact Dashboard in January 2020 as the Microsoft Sustainability Calculator. Designed to help customers gather meaningful, shareable information, the Emissions Impact Dashboard gleans critical insights to help organizations make more informed, data-driven decisions about sustainable computing.


The Emissions Impact Dashboard provides transparency into greenhouse gas emissions associated with using Microsoft cloud services and enables a better understanding of the root causes of emissions changes. Organizations can measure the impact of Microsoft cloud usage on their carbon footprint, and they can drill down into emissions by month, service, and datacenter region. The tool also enables customers to enter un-migrated workloads and get an estimate of emissions savings from migrating to the Microsoft cloud. Newly added data protection allows Emissions Impact Dashboard administrators within an organization to control who can see their company data in the tool.


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