Eight co-sell tips to help you acquire new customers


Written by Alyssa Fitzpatrick, General Manager, Worldwide Partner Co-sell, One Commercial Partner


It’s an exciting time to be part of the Microsoft Partner Network. While the past year has challenged every organization on the planet, those challenges have united the business world as we’ve worked to solve them together. At the same time, forces like the widespread shift to remote work and the rapid adoption of the cloud have accelerated the pace of digital transformation. I’ve been impressed with how our partners have stepped up to create the innovative solutions and personalized guidance our customers so desperately need to navigate these changes—and I’m confident customers will continue to increasingly rely on our partner network as the business landscape continues to evolve.


One key impact of digital transformation has been a shift from transactional business models to a consumption-based model—and acquiring new customers is a fundamental requirement to stay viable in our subscription-based economy, as I shared in a previous post. Fortunately, our ecosystem is filled to the brim with opportunities to discover and engage with new audiences. However, collaborative selling (co-selling) with Microsoft, sellers, or other partners is often key to unlocking many of them.


We define co-selling as any collaborative engagement between Microsoft and our partner ecosystem, including building demand, sales planning, sharing sales leads, accelerating partner-to-partner empowered selling, and delivering marketplace-led commerce for customer transformation. Actively pursuing the co-sell opportunities that make sense for your organization can help you access new customers and capitalize on efficiencies through symbiotic partnerships, positioning you to scale rapidly and sustainably.


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