Do more for the National Security mission with Azure


Written by Tom Keane, Corporate Vice President, Azure Global, Microsoft Azure


As we continue to deliver on our commitment to providing the broadest range of commercial innovation for government, we’re rapidly advancing new capabilities for the National Security mission. Azure helps mission teams gain insight from data—at any security level—anywhere. For example, our customers are taking full advantage of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), enabling our National Security customers to operate remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through WVD, customers can access critical applications and data in their unique, secured environment. Our team is committed to continually delivering new capabilities as demonstrated by the release of 66 new services to Azure Government and 28 new services on Azure Government Secret since January 2021.


Whether your workforce is stateside or deployed to remote and or disadvantaged locations, Azure gives you access to the most advanced technology platform—providing compute, storage, and advanced analytics capabilities to the warfighter and providing actionable intelligence in near real-time. This leads to greater intelligence at the edge, unified security to protect the nation’s most critical and sensitive data, and elastic capacity to support secure remote collaboration for analysts and forward-deployed teams working around the world.


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