Discover and assess ASP.NET apps at-scale with Azure Migrate


Written by Vineet Vikram, Program Manager II


Azure Migrate is your central place in the Azure portal that provides a unified experience to discover, assess, and migrate your servers, databases, and web apps to Azure. With a range of options across IaaS, PaaS, CaaS, and Serverless, Azure provides best-in-class flexibility and choice of platforms for your migrated workloads. With Azure Migrate we are making it easier than ever to migrate your applications to the Azure platform that best suits your business requirements. Last week we announced multiple enhancements to the App Containerization tool to help customers looking to adopt containers to run their migrated workloads. Today, we are announcing the preview of at-scale, agentless discovery, and assessment of ASP.NET web apps to help you migrate ASP.NET web apps and run them natively on Azure App Service.


With this preview, you can now easily discover ASP.NET web apps running on Internet Information Services (IIS) servers in a VMware environment and assess them for migration to Azure App Service. Assessments will help you determine the migration readiness of the web apps, migration blockers and remediation guidance, recommended SKU, and cost of hosting your web apps in App Service.


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