Develop production-scale modern web apps quickly with Azure Static Web Apps


Written be Daria Grigoriu, Principal PM Manager, Azure Static Web Apps


Azure Static Web Apps was first announced in preview in May 2020 and today we are happy to announce the general availability of Azure Static Web Apps, including a free plan for easy product exploration and a standard plan for advanced capabilities supported by an enterprise Service Level Agreement (SLA). The Azure Static Web Apps hosting service aligns with the growing demand from consumers and businesses to establish a web presence with global reach and minimal effort.


Modern web app design patterns leverage microservices best practices for performance, agility, and extensibility. Azure Static Web Apps is a turnkey service for these modern full-stack web apps with pre-built and pre-rendered static front-ends, and serverless API backends. Develop with popular front-end frameworks or static site generators, quickly build and test your apps locally, and deploy with a simple check-in. This enables you to focus on your app, while Azure takes care of the deployment and infrastructure.


With Azure Static Web Apps you can take advantage of features designed for high productivity:


  • Globally distributed content for production apps
  • Tailored CI/CD workflows from code to cloud
  • Auto-provisioned preview environments
  • Custom domain configuration and free SSL certificates
  • Built-in access to a variety of authentication providers
  • Route-based authorization
  • Custom routing
  • Integration with serverless APIs powered by Azure Functions
  • A custom Visual Studio Code developer extension
  • A feature-rich CLI for local development


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