Develop Microsoft Azure skills with 30 Days to Learn It


By Natalie Mickey, Product Marketing Manager, Data and AI Skilling, Azure


In today’s rapidly evolving job market, having a competitive edge is essential. With technology advancing at an unprecedented pace, it’s becoming increasingly important to keep up with the latest trends and tools. The Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge 30 Days to Learn It program is aimed at helping individuals develop proficiency in the most in-demand skills in the tech industry, such as learning the Microsoft Azure platform. The program offers various learning journeys designed for participants with different levels of experience and technical backgrounds.


The challenge is open to IT professionals and developers of all skill levels and is designed to provide a flexible and accessible way to learn new skills and advance their careers. To participate, individuals simply need to sign up for the challenge on the Microsoft Learn platform and begin completing the available learning modules.


Completing any challenge within 30 days can make individuals eligible for a 50 percent discount on a Microsoft Certification exam. These certifications can boost a participant’s career prospects and earning potential and are widely recognized in the tech industry.


Our results speak for themselves: Upon completion of the program, 77 percent of professionals get a promotion, land a new role, or enter technical programs after becoming certified. Additionally, 74 percent of surveyed professionals got more autonomy in their jobs, and 35 percent of candidates who completed a certification received a salary increase of 30 percent or more.


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