Demystifying cloud economics


Written by Jeremy Winter, Partner Director, Azure Management


Migrating to the cloud is an evolution, and it's important to think differently about how you consume resources. As you're building a business case in your organization, it's critical to step back and understand the cloud's key constructs and transform your mindset. It starts by having a conversation about today versus tomorrow and what is possible in the cloud, as with this migration, you will get instant access to innovative technologies and several new options that do not exist on-premises.


Azure is here to help you start your cloud journey strong with key financial and technical guidance as well as best practices from customers who charted a successful cloud journey. With this intention, we recently launched a new initiative to help our customers understand and demystify cloud economics. We will provide a rich set of digital content highlighting key technical and financial tips from Azure experts and share lesser-known tips through this initiative. In this blog, we'll discuss a set of key considerations that will save you time, budget, and resources as you chart your cloud journey.


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