DDoS Mitigation with Microsoft Azure Front Door


Written by Dave Burkhardt, Principal Product Manager


This blog post was authored by Dave Burkhardt, Principal Product Manager, and co-authored by Harikrishnan M B, Program Manager, and Yun Zheng, Sr Program Manager.


Within the last few years, the complexity and size of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have increased dramatically across the industry.


As we reported previously, TCP, UDP, and DNS-based attacks are still the most frequent, but layer 7/HTTP(S) based attacks have been breaking traffic records across the industry in 2022. As a recent example, we successfully mitigated an attack with over 60 billion malicious requests that were directed at a customer domain hosted on Azure Front Door (AFD).


Layer 7 attacks can affect any organization—from media and entertainment companies to financial institutions. Initially, attacks were unencrypted HTTP-based traffic (such as Slowloris, and HTTP Flood), but the industry is now seeing an increase in weaponized botnet HTTPS-based attacks (like Mēris, Mirai).


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