Customers unify hybrid and multicloud IT operations with Azure Arc

Vijay Kumar, Director, Windows Server and Azure Product Marketing

Businesses today are building and running applications across a variety of ecosystems on-premises, in multiple clouds, and on edge. To maintain agility and ensure compliance, it’s critical to an organization’s success to effectively manage servers, applications, and data at scale—regardless of where they are located.


Microsoft Azure Arc is a set of technologies that unlocks new on-premises, hybrid, and multicloud scenarios for customers by extending Azure services and management to any infrastructure. Across industries, customers are taking advantage of Azure Arc to bring Azure management to any infrastructure and enable Azure services to run anywhere.


Azure Arc provides a single control plane to consistently manage and govern all of your resources, anywhere. And with Azure Arc enabled services, you have the flexibility to deploy Azure services anywhere—on-premises or in other public clouds. Use cloud innovation where you need it by deploying consistent and always-up-to-date Azure data services anywhere.


Let me share how Ferguson, Africa’s Talking, Siemens Healthineers, and KPMG have enabled seamless management of their hybrid and multicloud resources using Azure Arc, realizing tremendous business value.


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