Continuing our investment in partners with SAP on Azure


With more than 25 years of professional experience, Joao Couto is the Vice President for the SAP Business Unit at Microsoft. Prior to this, Joao held leadership roles in Microsoft subsidiaries in Germany and Portugal. Before joining Microsoft, Joao was the CFO at Vodafone Group Commercial in UK and Portugal and VP and Partner at ATKearney Management Consulting. Joao is a transformational leader who is passionate about combining both strategy and execution to deliver rapid business growth in challenging environments through highly motivated and energized teams.


I would like to take a moment to thank our SAP partner ecosystem for an amazing year, and for creating outstanding momentum following the announcement of the Embrace initiative between SAP and Microsoft.


By working closely together, Microsoft, SAP and our system integrators are helping customers navigate their journey to digital transformation and cloud agility with a well-defined and streamlined migration strategy to S/4HANA on Azure. During our Microsoft Inspire event, my colleague Arpan Shah featured SAP on Azure in his session Running Mission and Business Critical Workloads—like SAP—in Azure, highlighting the importance of this workload.


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