Closing the tech skills gap: Why partners should embrace continual learning

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Written by Carlos Alexei Marquez, Global Partner Enablement Lead for Microsoft Azure, for the Business Leadership blog


I recently started learning how to play a musical keyboard. While some people might find this kind of challenge to be intimidating, I chose a realistic goal: learning how to play just one song. I didn’t start with the goal of mastering the instrument, because I don’t need to become an expert all at once.


You can take the same approach with learning more about technology—focus on learning a little every day. Over time, that knowledge adds up. I think we all can agree that the accelerating evolution of technology—cloud and hybrid computing, AI, IoT, etc.—requires us to be perpetual learners to keep improving our skills.


Taking a micro-learning approach makes learning less intimidating and often more relevant to the skills you need to acquire. It’s the approach we’ve taken for our upcoming Microsoft Azure Cloud Week for Partners, a great opportunity to improve your knowledge for role-based Azure certification. By offering opportunities like these, Microsoft hopes to contribute to closing the widening skills gaps that affect our industry.


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