Cegal and Microsoft break down data silos [...] with Microsoft Energy Data Services


Written by Kadri Umay, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft


This blog post was co-authored by Espen Knudsen, Principal Digitalization and Innovation Advisor, Cegal.


The vast amount of applications and data in energy companies across isolated environments is exposing inefficiencies in collaboration. Together with Cegal Cetegra, Microsoft Energy Data Services will accelerate your journey toward seamless access to the data and applications you need for your day-to-day work by providing an easy-to-deploy managed service fully supported by Microsoft.


Cegal has been successfully collaborating with Microsoft and partners to help evaluate the new Microsoft Energy Data Services preview program, an enterprise-grade OSDU Data Platform powered by the cloud.


With Microsoft Energy Data Services, energy companies can leverage new cloud-based data management and collaboration capabilities provided by Cegal and Microsoft.


Microsoft Energy Data Services is a data platform fully supported by Microsoft, that enables efficient data management, standardization, liberation, and consumption in energy exploration. The solution is a hyperscale data ecosystem that leverages the capabilities of the OSDU Data Platform and Microsoft's secure and trustworthy cloud services with our partners’ extensive domain expertise.


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