Build real-time web apps with Azure Web PubSub—now generally available

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Written by Yulin Shi, Principal Program Manager


Push data in real-time with Azure Web PubSub Service!


Real-time application scenarios such as live data updates, chat for streaming videos, interactive whiteboards for remote education, and IoT dashboards are helping businesses become more agile and more responsive to customers.


Today, we’re announcing the general availability of Azure Web PubSub, a fully managed WebSocket-based service that enables you to focus on building real-time web and mobile experiences. WebSocket is a standardized protocol that provides full-duplex communication. It is key to building efficient real-time web interactions and is supported by all major browsers as well as web servers. Azure Web PubSub enables you to use WebSockets and the publish-subscribe pattern to easily build real-time web applications like live monitoring dashboards, cross-platform live chat, real-time location on maps, and more.


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