Build a scalable security practice with Azure Lighthouse and Azure Sentinel


The Microsoft Azure Lighthouse product group is excited to launch a blog series covering areas in Azure Lighthouse where we are investing to make our service provider partners and enterprise customers successful with Azure. Our first blog in this series covers a top area of consideration for companies worldwide—Security with focus on how Azure Lighthouse can be used alongside Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel service to build an efficient and scalable security practice.


Today, organizations of all sizes are looking to reduce costs, complexity, and gain efficiencies in their security operations. As cloud security solutions help meet these requirements by providing flexibility, simplicity, pay for use, automatic scalability and protection across heterogenous environments, more and more companies are embracing cloud security solutions.


While achieving efficiencies is the need of the hour, organizations are also faced with shortage of security experts in the market.  Here is where there is tremendous potential for service providers to fill this gap by building and offering security services on top of cloud security solutions. Before diving deeper, let me start with a brief introduction to Azure Lighthouse and Azure Sentinel.


Azure Lighthouse helps service providers and large enterprises manage environments of multiple customers or individual subsidiaries, at scale from within their single centralized control plane. Since the launch of Azure Lighthouse at Inspire, Azure Lighthouse has seen wide adoption from both service providers and enterprises, with millions of Azure resources being managed at scale across heterogenous environments.


Azure Sentinel is a cloud native security information event management (SIEM) and security orchestration automated response (SOAR) solution from Microsoft. It enables collection of security data at scale across your entire enterprise including Azure services, Microsoft 365 services or from hybrid environments,from hybrid environments, such as other clouds, firewalls, and partner security tools. Azure Sentinel also uses built-in AI and advanced querying capabilities to detect, investigate, respond to and mitigate threats efficiently.


We will now look at how you can use both these services together to architect a scalable security practice.


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