Become more data-driven with the new Partner Center Insights dashboard


Over the past decade, companies across the globe have invested billions of dollars into collecting and analyzing data to glean insights that can give them a competitive edge in the marketplace. Increasingly, access to the right type of actionable information dictates who the leaders and laggards are for any given industry. This is one of the many reasons why Microsoft has continued to invest in advancing the data and reporting capabilities we provide for our partners—we know your success, and by association the success of the Microsoft partner ecosystem, depends on it.


Because we understand how essential it is for your organization to have access to meaningful data, I’m excited to share that Microsoft has released a new Insights dashboard in Partner Center, our unified platform where partners can take advantage of all opportunities in the Microsoft Partner Network. Available now to all partners, the new Insights dashboard enables you to access even more powerful reporting by providing a unified view of data across your Microsoft Partner Network organizational hierarchy. Spanning different partner programs, licensing models, and products, these reports are built on a platform that can scale as you grow your business.


This is the beginning of a journey to consolidate all commercial partner analytics into a single hub in Partner Center. Dedicated reporting roles have been introduced to ensure you can control access to privileged data sets within your organization. Robust internal monitoring, alerting and automated reconciliations between internal systems will ensure accurate data is delivered in a timely manner.


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