Azure Storage Mover–A managed migration service for Azure Storage


Written by Jurgen Willis, VP, Azure Optimized Workloads and Storage


File storage is a critical part of any organization’s on-premises IT infrastructure. As organizations migrate more of their applications and user shares to the cloud, they often face challenges in migrating the associated file data. Having the right tools and services is essential to successful migrations.


Across workloads, there can be a wide range of file sizes, counts, types, and access patterns. In addition to supporting a variety of file data, migration services must minimize downtime, especially on mission-critical file shares.


In February of 2022, we launched the Azure file migration program that provides no-cost migration to our customers, via a choice of storage migration partners.


Today, we are adding another choice for file migration with the preview launch of Azure Storage Mover, which is a fully managed, hybrid migration service that makes migrating files and folders into Azure a breeze.


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