Azure Sentinel Solutions for Partners: Build Combined Value for a Wider Audience


Written by Preeti Krishna for the Azure Sentinel blog


At the RSA Conference in May, we were excited to announce the release of Azure Sentinel solutions, a new way for Azure Sentinel customers to discover and deploy use cases and integrations faster than ever.


Solutions make it easy to enable new use-cases for Azure Sentinel by consolidating related data connectors, analytics rules, interactive workbooks, and automation playbooks into a single package to deliver end-to-end product or domain or industry vertical value for customers.


With solutions, customers can more easily detect and respond to threats with out-of-the-box content for their critical use cases, all in one package. They can empower their SOC team with content developed by Microsoft’s security experts – and our trusted technology partners – with instant deployment. Our investment in solutions and our expanding partner network is key to helping customers stay secure and protect their organizations.


A new blade in Azure Sentinel offers a growing marketplace of solutions designed to help customers protect their entire digital estate and integrate Azure Sentinel with their existing security infrastructure to operationalize their critical use cases. The marketplace now features more than 40 solutions, including:


  • Cloudflare and Palo Alto Prisma solutions to give you visibility into your cloud workloads. This week, we also released new solutions to help you monitor multi-cloud environments, with solutions for GCP Identity and Access Management, GCP CloudDNS, and GCP CloudMonitor.
  • Threat intelligence solutions from RiskIQ, and ReversingLabs to enrich your threat detection, hunting and response capabilities.
  • Azure SQL and Oracle database audit solutions to monitor your database anomalies.
  • …And many others, with even more to come. Just this week, we released an additional ten solutions into Public Preview. In addition to the new multi-cloud solutions mentioned above, we’re releasing solutions for Sophos Endpoint Protection, Cisco Application Centric Interface, Web Security Appliance, Secure email Gateway, TrendMicro ApexOne, McAffee Network Security Platform and anti-virus information, InsightVM Cloud API (Rapid7) and Juniper Intrusion Detection and Prevention.


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