Azure Partner Vision series: differentiating with Azure


Written by Tony Shakib, General Manager, Microsoft Azure IoT


In the second video of Azure Partner Vision series, we hear from Microsoft partners on the topic of business differentiation. We explore how they use the power of Azure Internet of Things (IoT) technology to differentiate their solutions to deliver greater business value. The goal of this series of shorts is to share specific insights and learnings surrounding areas of opportunity where partners can unlock value for their customers.


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Derek Wright, Senior Director of Alliances, Signify, explains that his organization leverages Azure distinguish its Interact IoT Platform for connected LED lighting applications. With Azure, the Signify platform easily scales globally to support millions of daily data transactions. Streetlights notify city managers when they need replacing. LED lights in grocery stores alert retailers of shelf stock outs. Office lights in commercial buildings automatically dim at the end of each workday.


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