Azure partner insights: where are the opportunities for Internet of Things?


Tony Shakib, GM/Partner, Microsoft Azure IoT, leads the Microsoft Internet of Things (IoT) Business Acceleration team within the Azure engineering organization. He drives the Azure IoT partner ecosystem and strategic business engagements for the top 100 IoT enterprise accounts. Tony is accountable for IoT customer value realization, business development, rapid solution deployment, joint customer go-to-market programs, and accelerating time to large-scale commercial deployments.


In the first video of this new series “Azure partner insights,” we hear from Microsoft partners directly on where they see opportunities to digitally transform their customers’ businesses with Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The goal of this series of shorts is to share specific insights and learnings in areas where partners will find the most value.


Brendan Mislin, Managing Director at Industry X.O IoT, is a firm believer in the power of organic growth and nurturing existing relationships. For example, a manufacturer might bring in Accenture to connect equipment and machinery to reduce cycle time, increase throughput, or reduce costs. As the manufacturer accrues the benefits of IoT, the customer will likely look to Accenture to expand its IoT solution by connecting multiple factories to increase efficiencies.


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