Azure NC A100 v4 VMs for AI now generally available


Written by Sherry Wang, Senior Program Manager, Azure HPC and AI


AI is revolutionizing the world we live in—from the way we entertain ourselves, to the products and services that we consume, to the way we care for our bodies, and how we go about our daily work. Organizations are leveraging the power of AI to transform our lives by accelerating superior product innovations, increasing organization competitiveness no matter their size or available resources, and immersing us into more amazing, photo-realistic virtual worlds in movies and games.


At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. With the power and scalability available through Microsoft Azure, we provide the compute tools and capabilities for all organizations no matter their size or resources to do more, faster. AI is a key tool to help organizations innovate and create new capabilities, discover new insights and deliver superior products and services.


At Microsoft, our NC series virtual machines (VMs) allow our customers and partners access to almost limitless AI hardware infrastructure with Microsoft tools and services so that they can be productive quickly and more easily.


Here are some examples of what our customers are doing with the power of Azure AI:


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