Azure Native NGINXaas makes traffic management secure and simple—now generally available


Written by Rohit Tatachar, Principal Lead Product Manager


Continuing Microsoft Azure’s commitment to empower our ISV partners and customers to adopt and modernize their application of choice and run in the cloud, we are excited to announce general availability (GA) of the NGINXaaS offering on Azure.


In facilitating the cloud transformation journey for cloud architects, developers, IT professionals, and business decision makers who are all working towards their digital transformations, we are expanding on our more than a decade of partnership with F5, the company behind NGINX to provide a deeper integration of NGINX into the Azure ecosystem.


NGINX provides load balancing, traffic management, and security tools for users to configure and manage the incredibly complex make-up of the architectures traffic patterns on their cloud and on-premises environments.


“We are excited to expand our Azure ecosystem with the General availability of NGINX for Azure. This strategic partnership with F5 immediately brings together the power of Azure and NGINX’s application delivery expertise to give our developers and customers more native options on Azure.”—Julia Liuson President, Microsoft Developer Division.


Do more with less

Based on inputs from customers in the Open Source world and other users of the NGINX offering, we worked with F5 to simplify the infrastructure management and provide a seamless experience by integrating the deployment, billing, and support of the NGINX solution on the Azure cloud platform, available via the Azure Marketplace.


By taking the management burden away from the user as part of the managed offering, the customer can now focus on the core elements of their business while the custodians of the NGINX and Azure offering bring our strengths to provide a fully managed, secure, and reliable NGINX offering on Azure.


The deep integration into the Azure Control plane also provides another layer of optimization by promoting all the latest relevant features from the Azure Platform to be automatically available to this service.


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