Azure Digital Twins now generally available: Create IoT solutions that model the real world




Today, organizations are showing a growing appetite for solutions that provide a deeper understanding of not just assets, but also the complex interactions across environments. This shift is driven by the need to be more agile and respond to real-time changes in the world, and it involves moving beyond tracking individual assets or devices to focusing on everything within a rich environment—from people, places, processes, and things to their very relationships.


To really understand these intricate environments, companies are creating digital replicas of their physical world also known as digital twins. With Microsoft Azure Digital Twins now generally available, this Internet of Things (IoT) platform provides the capabilities to fuse together both physical and digital worlds, allowing you to transform your business and create breakthrough customer experiences.


According to the IoT Signals report, the vast majority of companies with a digital twin strategy see it as an integral part of their IoT solution. Yet the reality is that modeling entire environments can be complicated. It involves bringing together the many elements that make up a digital twin to capture actionable insights. However, siloed data across these experiences makes it challenging to build digital twin solutions that bring those models to life, and doing so in a scalable, secure way is often time-consuming.


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