Azure Data Manager for Energy: Achieve interoperability with Petrel


Written by Larry Sullivan, Partner GM, Energy




Microsoft Azure Data Manager for Energy is the first fully managed OSDU™ Data Platform built for the energy industry. This solution is the first step in unraveling the challenge of data—moving from disparate systems and disconnected applications to a holistic approach. The product’s ideation directly reflects the partnership between Microsoft and SLB, capitalizing on each organization’s unique expertise.


As the energy industry works to achieve a sustainable low carbon future, organizations are taking advantage of the cloud to optimize existing assets and de-risk new ventures. Universally, data is at the core of their digital transformation strategies—yet only a small fraction of energy company data is properly tagged and labeled to be searchable. This leads engineers and geoscientists to spend significant time outside of their expertise trying to discover and analyze data. Azure Data Manager for Energy customers can seamlessly connect to an open ecosystem of interoperable applications from other Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and the Microsoft ecosystem of productivity tools. Ultimately, the open Microsoft platform enables developers, data managers, and geoscientists alike to innovate the next generation of digital solutions for the energy industry.


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