Azure Connect (Azure Advisors) Yammer Community 403 Freemium Errors

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Hello, this happened once before a year ago, but slightly different error. None of my colleagues can access the Azure Connect private external community if they are based in UK, possibly Europe. We just get an instant "fail 403 blocked_freemium_user" error. Our internal IT say we have E5 licensing ,which allows external network use and they have made no changes to block any traffic.  Not getting any traction on searches around topic other than it referring to older articles about deprecate licensing relating to using external Yammer communities.

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Error now changed to fail 42 blocked_freemium_user
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Problem has been identified as related to a legacy Freemium Yammer network (unused/dormant) in the US GEO that was hidden from view and impacts Yammer connections from other GEOs. When Freemium Yammer was deprecated, this unknown GEO instance was taking precedence when connecting to US GEO external Yammer networks rather than paid Office365 licensing from a non-US GEO. The action is to get Microsoft to delete this hidden instance of Yammer from the US GEO.