Automating Big Data Clusters (BDC) deployment with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) private cluster


One of the biggest challenges businesses face is how to integrate disparate data sources from many different sources, and how to turn valuable data into actionable insights. Big Data Clusters (BDC) is on the right choice for Big Data Analytics solutions.


As a cloud-native, platform-agnostic, open data platform for analytics at any scale orchestrated by Kubernetes, BDC works on Azure Kubernetes Service ( AKS ) -  a fully managed Kubernetes service in Microsoft Azure cloud platform.


For security-critic customers who need a private environment,  deploying BDC with AKS private cluster is a good way to restrict use of public IP addresses. Furthermore you can use UDR ( user-defined routes) to restrict egress traffic. You can do this with automation scripts are available on SQL Sample Github repo – private-aks.


Deploy AKS private cluster with automation scripts


Go to the Github repo to deploy AKS private cluster from here with your client in Linux OS or using WSL/WSL2. There are two bash scripts of you can use to deploy AKS private cluster:

You can use to provision a private AKS cluster with private endpoint, and fto limitthe use of public addresses as well as egress traffic, use to deploy BDC with AKS private cluster and limit egress traffic with UDR ( User-defined Routes ).


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