Automate your attack response with Azure DDoS Protection solution for Microsoft Sentinel


Written by Amir Dahan, Senior Product Manager, Azure Core


DDoS attacks are most known for their ability to take down applications and websites by overwhelming servers and infrastructure with large amounts of traffic. However, there are additional objectives for cybercriminals to use DDoS attacks to exfiltrate data, extort, act politically, or ideologically. One of the most devastating features of DDoS attacks is their unique ability to disrupt and create chaos in targeted organizations or systems. This plays well for bad actors that leverage DDoS as smokescreen for more sophisticated attacks, such as data theft. This demonstrates the increasingly sophisticated tactics cybercriminals use to intertwine multiple attack vectors to achieve their goals.


Azure offers several network security products that help organizations protect their applications: Azure DDoS Protection, Azure Firewall, and Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF). Customers deploy and configure each of these services separately to enhance the security posture of their protected environment and application in Azure. Each product has a unique set of capabilities to address specific attack vectors, but the most benefit speaks to the power of relationship—when combined these three products provide more comprehensive protection. Indeed, to combat modern attack campaigns one should use a suite of products and correlate security signals from one to another, to be able to detect and block multi-vector attacks.


We are announcing a new Azure DDoS Protection Solution for Microsoft Sentinel. It allows customers to identify bad actors from Azure’s DDoS security signals and block possible new attack vectors in other security products, such as Azure Firewall.


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