Assess your cloud migration readiness and build out a strong, custom migration plan


What is a cloud migration? Cloud migration is the process of moving applications and data from one location, often a company's "on-premises" servers to a public cloud provider’s servers.



When you think about planning for your cloud migration you may not even know where to start, especially if this is your first time. Are there special “cloud migration tools”? Special “cloud migration resources”? What does this all mean? And, even if you have previously completed a cloud migration, you still might not know how to prepare for the next chapter in your migration and modernization journey. After all, this is a space that continues to grow every day.


Cloud migration is driven by a variety of pieces. Modernizing legacy software on a secure reliable cloud has been top of mind for many of us recently – but IT cost savings, improved performance, scalability, and better sustainable outcomes are factors that have pushed businesses to the cloud. 


Fortunately, there are a plethora of cloud migration resources that Azure provides you to help you navigate this new venture. With the strategic migration assessment and readiness tool, by answering 17 migration questions, you get an immediate understanding of where you are in your cloud migration process and how to take the next steps.


How SMART works


  1. Answer 17 questions (~10 minutes)
  2. Get specific recommendations on how to improve across the ten dimensions from the Azure Cloud Adoption Framework - business strategy, partner support, discover & assessment, business case, migration planning, technical skilling, landing zone, migration execution, management and governance.
  3. Get a customized report and score on your level of readiness for scale migration.


Get started


Use the Strategic Migration Assessment and Readiness Tool to figure out how to begin your cloud migration journey.


Check out other Azure migration tools and assets including the Azure Migration and Modernization Program, Azure Migration and Modernization Center, and the FastTrack for Azure program, for help realizing your readiness plan.

In this video, find out how ready you are for your Microsoft Azure migration. From business planning to training to security and governance, find out what you need to do to prepare for your Azure migration with the Strategic Migration Assessment and Readiness Tool (SMART). Learn more: ...
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