Announcing new capabilities for Azure Firewall


Written by Eliran Azulai, Principal Program Manager


We are happy to share several key Azure Firewall capabilities as well as updates on recent important releases into general availability (GA) and preview.


  • New GA regions in Qatar central, China East, and China North
  • IDPS Private IP ranges now generally available.
  • Single Click Upgrade/Downgrade now in preview.
  • Enhanced Threat Intelligence now in preview.
  • KeyVault with zero internet exposure now in preview.


Azure Firewall is a cloud-native firewall as a service offering that enables customers to centrally govern and log all their traffic flows using a DevOps approach. The service supports both application and network-level filtering rules and is integrated with the Microsoft Threat Intelligence feed to filter known malicious IP addresses and domains. Azure Firewall is highly available with built-in auto-scaling.


New GA regions in Qatar central, China East, and China North

We are happy to announce that Azure Firewall Standard, Azure Firewall Premium, and Azure Firewall Manager are now generally available in three new regions: Qatar Central, China East, and China North.


With these three new regions, Azure Firewall is now available in 51 regions worldwide!


IDPS Private IP ranges now GA

A network intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) allow you to monitor network activities for malicious activity, log information about this activity, report it, and optionally attempt to block it.


In Azure Firewall Premium IDPS, Private IP address ranges are used to identify traffic direction (inbound, outbound, or internal) to allow accurate matches with IDPS signatures. By default, only ranges defined by Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) RFC 1918 are considered private IP addresses. To modify your private IP addresses, you can now easily edit, remove, or add ranges as needed.


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