AI for business leaders: Discover AI advantages in this Microsoft AI learning series


By Natalie Mickey, Product Marketing Manager, Data and AI Skilling, Azure


AI is becoming a game-changer for businesses across industries and is ushering in a transformative era of innovation, efficiency, and unprecedented possibilities. With AI continuing to automate and optimize vast swaths of the economy, it’s become table stakes for executives and other business decision-makers (BDMs) to understand the latest developments. As a leader in all things AI, Microsoft has spearheaded a curriculum created especially for you and your colleagues to help you build the knowledge, insights, and skills needed to make the most of AI technologies.1


No matter your level of technical know-how, this comprehensive AI educational series spans vertical and horizontal topics focused on outcomes to help your organization extract the many benefits AI offers:


  • Explore the competitive advantage of AI and how it offers improved decision-making, efficiency, and productivity.
  • Learn about the potential of AI and what you need to make informed decisions about its adoption and implementation.
  • Discover real-world examples from the Microsoft AI journey.
  • Get guidance and best practices from Microsoft experts and other industry leaders.


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