Acquiring new customers and building demand for your solution


Written by Sarah Muckler-Visser, Global Director, Go-to-Market, Global Partner Solutions


As you transform into a cloud subscription business, it’s more critical than ever to add customers. And the faster, the better. Cloud subscription economics mean that your survival depends on it. The fact is, we’re all being measured—whether by Wall Street or analysts—on our customer acquisition rate.


Because acquiring customers is at the top of our partners’ priority list, we’re especially focused on empowering you to do it as efficiently as possible. We also want to be sure customers are connected with companies that are best suited to meet their needs. We’re still in the early days of this transformation to cloud technology, and the preliminary winners in the competition for cloud customers will have a significant advantage. We know it will be much harder to lure customers away from another cloud solution provider than to win their business in the first place.


As I noted in a recent blog post, once you have a market-ready solution, it’s critical to establish a clear value proposition and craft a message to evangelize your differentiators. Next, it’s time to find customers and build demand for your solution. Here’s how:


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