A new year of partner success

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Written by Rodney Clark, Corporate Vice President, Channel Sales and Channel Chief, for the Partner Network News blog


It’s the beginning of 2022, and I’d like to wish each and every one of our Microsoft partners a very happy new year. Last year was a year of unique circumstances and challenges as we dealt with the continuing pandemic, but we’ve made it here together. We’ve kept pace with evolving customer needs and expectations by investing mightily in the Microsoft Partner Network to make the partner experience more streamlined and supportive. As I reflect on our accomplishments from the past year, I also want to share some insight into where we are today. At last year’s Microsoft Inspire conference, I shared three commitments to partners and now feels like a fitting time to check in on our progress. You’ll see that we have made some great strides, and still have room for growth in certain areas.


Commitment #1: Strengthen our digital capability

To empower you as partners to achieve more, we’ve invested in ways to make it easier for you to navigate the partner journey of building innovative solutions, going to market, and selling with Microsoft, other partners, and sellers. As part of these efforts, we have conjoined roadmaps of capability for the Microsoft commercial marketplace, Partner Center and the Microsoft Partner Network.


This work is supported by a redesigned Partner Center that incorporates more intuitive navigation and consistent organization with other Microsoft portals, including an improved visual interface that brings consistency, usability, and speed of use across Partner Center to help partners get things done faster. The signature characteristic of this was the implementation of workspaces, which is a new way of organizing assets and information by workflow. Partner Center is the central hub for partners to manage their relationship with Microsoft. It facilitates business transactions, promotes relationship building with other partners, and provides robust analytics. Implementing a structure built around workspaces allows for deeper personalization and makes it easier for partners to use Partner Center—benefits that are based in express requests from users. We will continue to make additional changes to improve the performance and reliability of each workspace.


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