5 ways to save costs by running .NET apps on Azure

Blog post written by David Ellis Product Marketing Manager, Azure Marketing

Digital transformation is accelerating at an incredible rate for consumers and employees alike, and the way we live and work has drastically changed. As a result, digital demand is surging, often past the capacity of existing infrastructure due to online demand for goods, services, and information. Businesses are shifting overnight from a physical first approach, to a digital first model putting strain on legacy web apps—both internal and external.


Leveraging our deep expertise in Windows, Visual Studio, and ASP.NET, we designed App Service and Azure SQL Database as the home in the cloud for .NET applications and the databases that power them. Thus, you can be confident with Azure you are hosting your .NET web apps and data on the most cost-effective cloud.


GigaOm recently conducted an independent analyst study, Costs and Benefits of .NET Application Migration to the Cloud, which found that Azure is the most cost effective and performant environment to run ASP.NET web workloads. Azure is up to 54 percent less expensive than on-premises and up to 30 percent less expensive than AWS¹. In addition, Azure is the best destination for your Windows Server, SQL Server, and .NET workloads with unparalleled price-performance across our application and database destinations, both IaaS and PaaS². While there are many ways to save on costs when you choose Azure, here are five ways that can help when migrating your web applications to the cloud.


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