5 ways to optimize your backup costs with Azure Backup


Achieving cost efficiency in your cloud usage is more critical today than ever before.

At Azure Backup, we're committed to helping you optimize your backup costs. Over the last few months, we've introduced a comprehensive collection of features that not only gives you more visibility into your backup usage, but also helps you take action to achieve significant cost savings.


To help you get started with this journey, below are five steps you can take to optimize your backup costs, without needing to compromise on the safety of your data.


Clean up backups for your deleted resources


If you are backing up resources that do not exist anymore, verify if you still need to retain the backups for these resources. Deleting unnecessary backups can help you save on your backup costs.


You can use the Optimize tab in our Backup Reports solution to gain visibility into all inactive resources, across all types of workloads being backed up. Once you have identified an inactive resource, you can investigate the issue further by navigating to the Azure resource blade for that resource. If you discover that the resource doesn’t exist anymore, you can choose to stop protection and delete backup data for that resource by navigating to the backup item dashboard.


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