5 steps to prepare developers for cloud modernization


Written by Mayunk Jain, Senior Product Marketing Manager


If you’re thinking about what it takes to modernize your applications, you’re not alone. Companies everywhere now understand that migrating applications to the cloud and shifting to a cloud-first approach is critical to business competitiveness. The purpose of modernizing applications is to better align them to current and future business needs. By deploying enterprise applications to the cloud, you gain greater ability to innovate, improve security, scale to meet demand, manage costs, and deliver rich and consistent customer experiences anywhere in the world more quickly.


But as you move to the cloud, there are many options to choose from and skills to gain. One of the most important parts of this effort is understanding how to prepare developers for cloud modernization—and one of the trickiest parts is knowing where to start.


According to research on Developer Velocity, the number one driver of business performance is best-in-class developer tools.1 Companies that create the right environment—by providing strong tools and removing points of friction for developers to innovate—have 47 percent higher developer satisfaction and retention rates than those in the lowest quartile for Developer Velocity. With Microsoft Azure, you’ll find not only the tools and technologies that you need to move to the cloud, but also extensive developer support for cloud modernization.


In this article, we’ll walk you through technical documentation, educational resources, and step-by-step guidance to help you build the skills and strategy needed to successfully modernize your applications. We use Azure App Service as our example, but the same concepts apply to other tools you might use in your modernization efforts.


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