5 reasons Azure Databricks is best for Hadoop workloads

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Written by Arindam Chatterjee, Principal Group Product Manager, Azure Databricks


Due to the complexity, high cost of operations, and unscalable infrastructure, on-premises Hadoop platforms have often not delivered on their initial promises to impact business value. As a result, many enterprises are now seeking to modernize their Hadoop platforms to cloud data platforms. Catalysts include:


  • High cost of ownership: On-premises hardware is costly and potential is never realized.
  • End-of-life and expiring licenses: Do you renew or migrate?
  • End of support: Customers are forced to upgrade or buy new hardware.


Customers are now turning to Azure Databricks. Azure Databricks is a unified data analytics platform for accelerating innovation across data science, data engineering, and business analytics. Azure Databricks brings a cost-effective and scalable solution to managing Hadoop workloads in the cloud—one that is easy to manage, highly reliable for diverse data types, and enables predictive and real-time insights to drive innovation.


Azure Databricks is the best place to migrate your Hadoop workloads

Migrating your Hadoop workloads to Azure Databricks brings cost management, scalability, reliability for all data types, and the ability to apply advanced analytics for deeper insights. Microsoft Azure provides a fully managed cloud platform that reliably handles all types of data with Delta Lake within Azure Databricks. The Databricks runtime engine is a highly optimized, highly performant-tuned Spark version deployed on Azure as a managed service. Databricks offers elastic auto-scalability powered by Azure. Customers can scale up or down based on workload to deliver the most cost-effective scale and performance in the cloud. With Azure Databricks, AI frameworks, including TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch, are available in one place. Access them using Python or Scala notebooks, all in an accessible, shared notebook. These capabilities are not possible in an on-premises environment.


Azure Databricks isn’t just the best destination for Hadoop migrations, it is also the best destination for all Databricks workloads. Azure Databricks is the only first-party service providing customers with benefits not offered in any other cloud. First-party integration and our unique strategic alliance save customers time and effort and significantly accelerate time to value. As Forrester notes, “the competitive advantage is no longer about ‘first to market’, it’s (now about) ‘first to value.’”1


Azure Databricks empowers customers to be first to value for these five reasons:


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