4 ways AI, computer vision, and related technologies expand IoT solutions


Written by Justin Slade, Director, Channel Marketing




Inspecting five million vehicle welds every day requires the ability to check a weld’s quality every 17 milliseconds—an impossible challenge for a human. This type of quality control task is just one of many where the combined technologies of computer vision and AI excel.


Cameras, microphones, and a wide array of sophisticated sensors used in IoT solutions are increasingly tying together the physical and digital worlds. Using devices with the analytical capabilities of AI, solutions can quickly scan medical images for potentially concerning anomalies, listen to machinery noises for maintenance problems, or provide more thorough remote monitoring in a variety of environments.


Intel and Microsoft Azure are working together to help enterprises deploy intelligent IoT technologies and services, including AI’s deep learning abilities, computer vision, and audio or speech capabilities. Adding these capabilities enables solutions to solve more business challenges, uniting two or more—adding both computer vision and AI, for example greatly expands the potential uses for IoT solutions.


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