3 ways to enhance your cloud journey: break, prepare, and optimize your apps in Azure

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Written by Omar Khan, General Manager, Microsoft Azure


At our Microsoft Ignite conference this week, we’re sharing new ways to continue to enhance your cloud adoption journey. First, we are excited to announce the preview of Azure Chaos Studio—a fully managed experimentation service to help you track, measure, and mitigate faults with controlled chaos engineering, systemically improving the resilience of your cloud applications. Second, we continue to build a better, easier, and more comprehensive approach to guide your cloud environment preparation, with Azure landing zone—an environment for hosting your workloads, pre-provisioned through code—without losing sight of the application to be deployed. And third, to maximize your organization's investment in the cloud, we have fresh guidance on cloud economics to build your cloud business case with key financial and technical guidance from Azure.


1. Azure Chaos Studio: Track, measure, and mitigate faults in your applications

Are you confident in knowing how your mission-critical Azure apps will respond to different failure scenarios? Today we’re announcing the preview of Azure Chaos Studio, which enables customers to model and deliberately introduce faults that simulate real-world outages and validate how your application performs under those scenarios. These are the same tools used by Microsoft engineers to build the resilience of cloud services. Chaos Studio enables customers to build on your terms, seeing how apps will respond to real-world disruptions. Gain chaos engineering insights and accelerate the discovery of hard-to-find issues, from late-stage development through to production, all within Azure.


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