What is use of Read/write and Read-only listener endpoint in Failover Groups

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Hi Team,


Can someone help me to know use of  Read/write and Read-only listener endpoint in Failover Groups in Azure SQL MI. 


1. Can I use Name of Read/write listener endpoint in Connection String for Read/write and

2. Can I use Name of Read-only listener endpoint in connection String for Reporting purpose. 



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Read/write listener endpoint is a generic server name given by default(azure).   In case of failover, regardless of which server is uprunning,  using the default server name (abc.database.windows.net) in the application can read/write and listen only from the primary server seamlessly. It always points to the primary sever irrespective of number of times the switching of primary and secondary server happens.


If your application only reads and listens data from the server then use this default name in Read-only listener endpoint.


Not sure about connecting strings.