Azure Paas Topics - need some practical examples

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I have been preparing for Azure PaaS interviews as I really want to work  on Azure based projects. In my previous project I had some exposure to Azure PaaS services like APIM, Application Insights, Cosmos DB, Redis Cache. I am still in the process of learning. I would need your help in understanding the practical uses of the below services like how they are used in real time projects:

1. Azure Functions - I understand that they are serverless and we can create them from portal as well as Visual Studio and deploy them (preferable option)

2. Azure Event Grid - I understand that it's more of an events routing service and works as an intermediate between event producers and event handlers.

3. Azure Service Bus- This works on a Request Reply pattern - it's a messaging service provided by Azure.



I am a .Net Developer, so it would be helpful for me to understand if practical examples of real time projects (on .Net) could be provided so that it gives me a clearer picture.


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Potentially, a use-case would be a mobile app?

One that pulls data from various IOT devices (maybe weather information? or power usage) then parses that data into Azure and you want to notify specific people, change and store the data etc.