framework MVC 5 deployment considerations on Azure PAAS Web App Service
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Dear All, We have our MVC 5 Application running on OnPrem. Planning it move to PAAS Cloud. While doing this we have couple of questions 1. Share us the checklist which can opt for the MVC application deployment. we have web api service as well? 2. We are using TempData, ViewData for sharing the information between action methods/views. For this can we go for Azure Redis out proc session state to handle these TempData and ViewData objects.? Note: We are not using actual session, only viewbag, tempdata used and we are not using .net core as well And I will explain the 2nd question in another way, when we use .net framework web forms, we used redis cache as session state for the PAAS deployment. Like this MVC needs Redis cache explicitly to store TempData and View Data variables?

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Hi, there is no checklist as such. If you have a MVC5 application - that means you are on .NET Full Framework. So when you want to deploy to Azure PaaS - you will need to select a Windows Workload. Your application being MVC has got nothing to do with anything special in Azure. Having said that - if you are using Session based storage heavily - well thats not particularly good when you move to Cloud. You move to cloud to get scalability and elasticity. So relying on session will not help you when you scale. So if your app uses SESSION data - move it to a centralized storage like SQL Server or REDIS. Thats the change you will need to make. ViewData, TempData are not SESSION storage. So you are good.


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